How To Install ionic 2 in Linux mint 18

Welcome to everyone to my first article. through this article I would like to describe about how to install ionic 2 and nodejs in the Linux mint 18. It’s very simple, if You follow below steps then you can simply install ionic 2.

first of all open your terminal (clt+alt+T) and follow the below steps one by one.

sudo curl -sL | sudo -E bash - 
to add repository to install nodejs 6.9 and npm. 
There are several versions available for nodejs but nodejs 6.9 most preferable for 2.1.0-beta.3 

if you install nodejs 5 or other earlier versions you will may get error like (Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open d:\ionic2app\www\index.html' ) when run your ionic project in your localhost server therefore latest versions of the nodejs are most preferable.

after you have added the repository, you have to type sudo apt-get install nodejs in your terminal to install nodejs and npm.

when you finish the installation of the nodejs and npm. You have to type 
sudo apt-get install -g ionic@beta cordova to install ionic 2. 

that’s all about the installation of ionic 2. 
after that you can find “ionicprojects” folder in your home directory. 

And also to create new ionic project open your command line and type 
cd ionicprojects to go the “ionicprojects” folder. 
sudo ionic start myApp. Make sure you have created new project inside your “ionicprojects” folder

to run your project in your local-host type the below command in your terminal 
sudo ionic serve then you can see your project in browser. 
So this is all about the installation of ionic 2. 
hope you all got an idea about the installation of ionic 2. 
through my next article I'm going to explain how to start first project in the ionic2. Thank you.